What is Suncloths?


About Our Product

Suncloths is the newest and most fashionable way to keep you from getting burned while in your car. Suncloths makes for a great gift. If you’re a truck driver, bus driver, taxi cab driver or just a daily commuter you’re going to enjoy not getting burned while in your vehicle. Kids will enjoy Suncloths no matter what side of the car they wear them on.  

Suncloths is patented and trademarked.


Suncloths' is laboratory tested up to 93% UVB and UVA protection with a 50% UPF Rating. Suncloths is a 100% Polyester micro suede is smooth on the skin and soft to the touch and helps keep you from getting burned. The lightweight fabric allows your A/C to blow right through Suncloths, keeping you nice and cool.